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Recession Fears: 3 Stocks to Stash Your Cash in

With the possibility of another full-scale market crash within two years of the last one, and the recession reaching historically high levels, the fear of a recession is rising. But the situation is not nearly as dire as it was in 2008,

Buy the Dip? 2 Stocks That Got Unfairly Punished

The Canadian stock market has not been in the best state for the last few weeks. Most investors have been staying away from growth stocks due to the heightened risk those assets pose during uncertain market environments. The recent-most

New Investors: Start a Portfolio With These 3 Stocks

Investing can be a daunting task for even the more experienced individuals. That’s why it’s important to get as many perspectives as you can when you’re starting out. That way, you can learn about all the different portfolio

Holding Cash? It Might Be Time to Buy Stocks

People usually invest for the future or retirement and not for inflationary times. In today’s off-the-charts inflation, cash isn’t necessarily the king or saviour. Your financial cushion today is only for the short term. Over the long

Real Estate Investing in Canada: July 2022 Outlook

Real estate is a huge investment for most people commonly in the context of purchasing a home. However, real estate investing doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge investment. In fact, if you’re investing passively in real estate through

2 Dirt-Cheap Passive-Income Stocks to Buy in July

As the market correction continues, many passive-income stocks will see their yields continue to climb above their historical ranges. Although there may not be much relief in sight, with the TSX Index that could fall into a bear market in

3 Essential Growth Stocks for Your Portfolio

As a growth investor, I spend a lot of time thinking about which growth stocks could be foundational positions in a portfolio. Generally, I look for stocks that have a strong branding, whether the company is leading an important industry,

1 Tech Stock, 1 Bank Stock, and 1 Oil Stock to Buy Today

Stock market returns are hard to predict, because economic conditions change. The reminder of seasoned investors and fund managers that past performance is no guarantee of future results is also true. Canada’s primary equities market has