Buy alert: Palantir founder holds 14.3 MILLION shares of this Canadian start-up

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Source : The Motley Fools

By: Jonah Askinaram

If tech investments are on your radar, then you may have heard of Peter Thiel.

He’s the legendary founder of PayPal AND Palantir who made the very FIRST outside investment in Facebook, way back when the tech giant was still a tiny startup!

And Facebook was only the beginning of a long series of historic investments.

Here are just some of the other companies that Thiel has helped lift off the ground:

• AirBnB
• LinkedIn
• Palantir Technologies (as the company founder!)
• Yelp
• Spotify
• SpaceX (Fun Fact: By the time Thiel backed SpaceX, he’d already known Elon Musk for years. Musk was one of PayPal’s co-founders.)

With such a stellar track record of discovering amazing companies early and growing them into mammoths, you may be wondering—where is Peter Thiel investing today?

Well… we took a look, and he certainly isn’t slowing down!

Because he recently gobbled up 14.3 MILLION shares of a little-known company based right here in Canada.

This groundbreaking organization specializes in a world-changing technology that a Shark Tank billionaire predicts will create the world’s first trillionaire!

And right now, they’re using this technology to serve one of the fastest-growing markets on the entire planet—a market that experts predict will nearly triple to $350.1 billion USD by 2027!

But here’s the real kicker for everyday investors like us…

This Thiel-backed Canadian company has just gone public, which means we have a unique opportunity to get in early and experience potentially record-breaking returns!

Just imagine if you had invested in another Thiel-backed company right after the initial public offering.

In the case of Facebook alone, you would have turned every $5,000 into $60,350!

You may have a similar opportunity right now…

Are You Ready To Learn More About This Newly IPO’d Canadian Disruptor?
Here at Motley Fool Canada, we just released an exclusive new BUY report on this potentially massive Thiel-backed stock.

In this report, you’ll learn:

• Why we believe this company could soon lead their $2.44 trillion industry
• Why the US Department Of Defense contacted them to create a technology-backed solution to fight viral pandemics…years before the emergence of COVID-19
• Why their balance sheet is currently loaded with cash
• Exactly what percentage of a portfolio we recommend putting into this stock

Now… I don’t like to brag, but The Motley Fool has a well-earned reputation for recommending incredible stocks before they skyrocket.

On average, Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada’s picks have more than tripled the returns of the S&P/TSX Index.

And many of our recent picks have gone far above and beyond that, including:

• Shopify (up 2,016%)
• MercadoLibre (up 984%)
• The Trade Desk (up 1,172%)

So when a stock has our recommendation and has been backed by a billionaire investing genius like Peter Thiel, it’s wise to pay close attention!

Because in our experience, opportunities like this don’t last long… and investors who fail to get in now could be kicking themselves for years to come!

So if you’re ready to take a quick peek inside Stock Advisor Canada and learn more about this exciting new Canadian company, just enter your email address below to get started!

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