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Please read the following information in order to select which package is best for you. At the moment, we can’t guarantee a number of impressions, hence what we do, is guarantee a number of days.

For banner size 728×90

60$ for 90 days, single banner on a single line

80$ for 125 days, single banner on a single line

For an additional 10$, we’ll include your banner within 5 news articles which get extra paid promotion on social media ( mainly FB and Twitter )
Your banner will be placed right after the first or second paragraph ( it depends on how long is the paragraph )
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Yes, we do accept articles under certain conditions.

What we request :

  • Your article subject must be about Penny Stock, and the category must be about either “guide to buying Penny Stock”, “strategy”, “the basics of trading penny stock”, “buying penny stock for beginners”, or “how to pick penny stock”
    furthermore, we request that your article is a genuine article with a minimum of 800 words ( genuine article not an already written article that you cut and paste )
  • We’ll also request a banner (728×90) that we’ll include in the text.

the price we currently request : 125$

What we offer :

  • Your article will be placed within your chosen category and will remain there.
  • Your 728X90 banner will be placed as an inclusion within the text ( after the first or second paragraph) with the link address to the website of your choice.
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  • Your article will be added as the first article in our newsletter for 5 weeks.


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