3 penny stocks to hold forever


3 Penny Stocks I’d Buy Now And Hold For 10 Years or even more!

Those following me and reading my article already know that I love Penny Stock and dividend-paying stocks. Technically Penny Stock is the land of buying low and selling high. However, since Penny Stock is any stock that is $5.00 or less. then, sometimes you can mix the two worlds and create a nice portfolio.

Penny stocks are typically small companies, and as the name suggests, trade in pennies and not in pounds or dollars. Although some huge companies like Lloyds and Rolls-Royce trade in pennies, they are not typically considered penny stocks.

Penny stocks are thinly traded and often have sizeable spreads between the buying and selling price. They are also more volatile than larger stocks, owing partially to their smaller market cap.

Inflation Is Coming

So yeah, inflation has already started, currently, in the US, their central bank had to increase their base percentage ( 0.75 $ ), and the bank stated that it will probably have to increase it again around September. UK and Canada will follow the pattern end of 2022 and full force in 2023.

I have been trading TSX and Nasdaq for as long as I can remember, but when your local market is hit hard, then, there is nothing wrong with looking at other possibilities.

Inflation is out of control, and people are running scared. But right now there’s one thing we believe Investors should avoid doing at all costs… and that’s doing nothing. That’s why I’ve put together a special report that uncovers 3 of my top UK and CDN share ideas to try and best hedge against inflation… and better still, I am giving it away completely FREE today!

So, here is a penny stock that I already own, and two penny stocks that I’m looking to buy for my portfolio.

First : Diversified Royalty Corp $DIV-TO

30 years ago I started with $DIV-TO, and still own it down the road and not planning to sell any of my shares, altho the dividend return (yield) has fluctuated over the years, the monthly distribution has always been there, month after month. For further information, you can visit their website Diversified Royalty Corp. $DIV-TO yield is currently at 8.18% ( 16 June 2022 )

Second : Steppe Cement

Steppe Cement (LSE: $STCM) is a Kazakh cement maker that is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

It’s certainly not well known, but those who do know it are probably aware of its sizeable dividend yield. At today’s price, the yield is 9.46%. That’s double the FTSE average.

The group also announced impressive growth earlier this week.

For 2021, pre-tax profits rose 63% to $21.4m, up from $13.1m the year before. Revenue grew 13% year-on-year to $84.6m from $74.8m in 2020. Higher prices were partially responsible for the revenue growth. Production increased 3% to 1.69m tonnes from 1.65m tonnes.

Steppe said that the Kazakh cement market grew by 23% in 2021 and the 2022 growth is at a similar level.

The firm said that it “wishes” to recommend a 5p dividend for the year, but was waiting on developments in Malaysia.

Here is a list of the best way to make money with Penny Stocks

Long-term prospects look positive. The Prime Minister’s office has forecast strong demand for housing due to the outdated nature of existing dwellings, as well as an increase in the birth rate in the past two decades. 

One thing that concerns me is the spread. I can currently buy for 38p but sell for 36p, meaning I’d need to see at least a 4% increase to get my money back.

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Last : Inland Homes

I’m also interested in Inland Homes (LSE: $INL) despite the concerns about the UK property market.

In the year to September 2021, the company made £21m in profit, marking strong growth from 2020 when it made £12m. However, this is still below 2019, when the firm achieved £30.5m in profit.

The property market has gone from strength to strength since its last full-year report. So, I anticipate results for 2022 to be particularly impressive.

Earlier this month, fellow housebuilder Crest Nicholson actually increased its forecast for the year. Likewise, Bellway noted that “ongoing positive price momentum continues to offset build cost inflation” too.

However, things might get a bit tougher for housebuilders in the near term as interest rates rise. The Bank of England raised rates by 25 basis points today, but more rate rises are expected. On top of this, there’s also a cost-of-living crisis and some fairly negative outlooks on economic growth.

But in the long run, I think the demand for homes will remain strong. Numerous governments have failed to address the UK’s housing shortages. That’s why I’d buy shares in Inland Homes and hold it for the long run.

Please note that we are not financial advisors, we strongly recommend you do your research before making any decision. In this article we are sharing my point of view on three stocks that we think can help someone achieve financial independence.

God Bless

The OtcStockInsider team.

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